Into the Wild

Homes are usually constructed with solid walls and ‘tiny’ windows that offer little more than a glimpse of nature. Closing the door on the elements is a standard in housing design that is hopefully on its way out. Several architect firms; from Brazil to Sweden, are embracing outside/inside design by incorporating not only natural elements into their designs but bringing nature itself indoors.

Finishing a home with natural finishes such as stone, wood and even vertical gardens are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bringing the outside in. Architects and interior designers are innovating the way we live by installing retractable glass walls and ceilings, integrating gardens and replacing classic wicker outdoor furniture with plush sofas and throw cushions.

Inviting nature into a living space can minimise the adverse affects that construction has on the environment; so in the end this living style is as eco-friendly as it is refreshing.